Vastu Tips For Home

Unlocking Harmony: Easy 101 Vastu Tips for Home

Step into the realm of harmonious living! This guide on Vastu Tips For Home welcomes you to discover simple yet powerful tips to bring positive energy into your living space. Within this blog, we’ll delve into 101 Vastu Tips For Home, providing insights on how to rectify or enhance the harmony and energy of specific directions or areas within your house—no need for significant alterations to the existing construction.

Sometimes, it’s not feasible to make big changes to your home, especially in modern flats where options may be limited. Our tips are designed to enhance harmony without the need for major alterations, keeping in mind practical constraints like time and money.

Introduction on Vastu Tips For Home

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, focuses on the balance and flow of energies within a space. Whether you’re looking to enhance prosperity, foster good health, or create a peaceful atmosphere, these easy-to-follow Vastu tips for home aim to align your living space with positive vibrations. Let’s embark on a journey to transform your home into a haven of positivity and well-being!

101 Vastu Tips For Home

This guide has 101 simple Vastu Tips For Home to bring good vibes and joy to every corner of your living space. Whether you’re a Vastu pro or just starting out, these tips cover everything – from the front door to the bedroom, kitchen, and more.

Hence, absorb these 101 Vastu Tips for your home and implement them without alterations in any existing construction to improve Vastu for a better quality of life.

  1. Keeping a Peace Lily Plant:
    • Maintain harmony and peace in your home by keeping a Peace Lily plant inside.
  2. Jade Plant for Blessings and Success:
    • Invite blessings and success by placing a Jade plant near the entrance.
  3. Sea Salt for Negative Energy:
    • Absorb negative energy by placing a small bowl of sea salt near the entrance.
  4. Solid Wall for Sofa Position:
    • Position the sofa against a solid wall for support and stability.
  5. Water Fountain in Northeast:
    • Enhance positive energy by placing a small water fountain in the northeast corner.
  6. Mirror in the Kitchen:
    • Double the joy of cooking by hanging a small mirror on the kitchen wall.
  7. Rock Salt in the Bathroom:
    • Absorb negativity by placing a small bowl of rock salt in the bathroom.
  8. Mirror on Bathroom Door:
    • Prevent negative energy from entering by hanging a mirror on the bathroom door.
  9. Closed Bathroom Door:
    • Contain positive energy by keeping the bathroom door closed when not in use.
  10. Fresh Fruits in the East:
    • Promote good health by keeping a bowl of fresh fruits in the east.
  11. Laughing Buddha in Southeast:
    • Attract wealth and prosperity by placing a Laughing Buddha in the southeast.
  12. Crystal in Northwest:
    • Encourage helpful people and travel luck by hanging a crystal in the northwest.
  13. Elephant Statues:
    • Bring auspiciousness with a pair of elephant statues for your home.
  14. Snake Plant for Healthy Environment:
    • Maintain a healthy environment by having a Snake Plant, known for absorbing toxins.
  15. Candle in Northeast for Good Health:
    • Promote good health by lighting a candle in the northeast direction.
  16. Avoiding Cactus Plants:
    • Avoid placing cactus plants at home to prevent misfortune, anxiety, and stress.
  17. Beneath The Staircase:
    • Do not utilize the area beneath the staircase for storage, especially for inverters, as it may contribute to health issues, particularly affecting female family members.
  18. Free Center Space:
    • Keep the center of your home free with minimal furniture for the free movement of energies.
  19. Water Bowl with Flower and Candles:
    • Attract positivity, wealth, and prosperity by placing a water bowl with flowers and candles near the entrance.
  20. Decorative Name Plate:
    • Signify richness by decorating the main door with a decorative name plate.
  21. One Conch Shell:
    • Position a conch shell in the prayer room, ensuring that the quantity of conch shells is limited to one.
  22. 7 Horses Painting:
    • Hang a painting of 7 horses in the living room for auspiciousness.
  23. Blue Pyramid in North:
    • Place a blue pyramid in the north of the living room for intellectual and economic progress.
  24. Tortoise in the Center:
    • Bring balance and stability by placing a tortoise facing north in the center of the house.
  25. Shree Chakra for Wealth:
    • Attract wealth and opportunities by getting a Shree Chakra for your home.
  26. Dried Plants:
    • Using dried plants as decorative items can generate negative energy and impact the overall performance of family members.
  27. Red Light in the South:
    • Foster fame and success by placing a red light or lamp in the south.
  28. Hanging Crystals by the Window:
    • Hang crystals by the window to attract positivity and prosperity.
  29. Symbolism of Deer:
    • Symbolizing long life, mercy, happiness, and self-confidence, consider incorporating deer-themed decor.
  30. Avoiding Old Soft Toys:
    • Get rid of old soft toys as they absorb negativity, emotions, and thoughts.
  31. Burner Symbolism:
    • Symbolizing wealth, ensure all burners of the stove are in working condition.
  32. Lord Kuber in the North:
    • Solve work-related problems by placing a statue of Lord Kuber in the north.
  33. Long Corridor:
    • If the entrance of your lies at the end of the long corridor, the energy flowing towards it will be too fierce, increace the financial assets. It effect can be diluted by placing plants half down the corridor.
  34. Invisible Staircase from Entrance:
    • Keep the staircase invisible from the main entrance. If the staircase is visible from the entrance door, install a partition frame on the side of the stairs.
  35. Clockwise Opening Doors:
    • Ensure all doors, including the main door, open in a clockwise direction.
  36. Wall Clock Placement:
    • Place wall clocks on either the north or east wall for positive energy.
  37. Avoid Water Bodies in the South:
    • Avoid water bodies in the south to prevent distress and arguments.
  38. Washing Machine in Northeast:
    • Bring good luck by placing the washing machine in the northeast.
  39. Pooja Room in North East:
    • Follow Vastu principles by having the pooja room on the ground floor in the northeast.
  40. Education Tower on Study Table:
    • Enhance concentration and memory by placing an education tower on the study table.
  41. Filled Bucket After Bath:
    • Fill the bucket with fresh water or keep it upside down after taking a bath.
  42. Kansa Utensils for Health:
    • Promote health and financial prosperity by eating and drinking in Kansa utensils.
  43. Mirror in the Dining Area:
    • Reflect abundance by hanging a mirror in the dining area.
  44. Avoiding Large Electronic Gadgets in Bedroom:
    • Ensure a restful sleep by avoiding large electronic gadgets in the bedroom.
  45. Turmeric Root:
    • Store turmeric roots in the cupboard for the prosperity and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
  46. Main Entrance for Entry and Exit:
    • Make the entry and exit from the main entrance for the influx of wealth and prosperity. Always use maindoor and avoid to use back door of house for entry and exit.
  47. Family Pictures in the Southwest:
    • Enhance love and understanding by hanging pictures of family members in the southwest.
  48. Sleeping Head Direction:
    • Ensure good sleep by keeping your head in the south or east direction while sleeping.
  49. Avoiding Window or Glass Wall Before Work Desk:
    • Promote concentration by avoiding a window or glass wall in front of the work desk.
  50. Laghu Nariyal in the Money Locker:
    • Attract wealth and prosperity by placing a Laghu Nariyal in your money locker, covered with a yellow cloth.
  51. Lemon in Water:
    • To get rid of negative energy, place a lemon in a glass of water and change it every Saturday.
  52. Tulsi Plant in Northeast:
    • Keep a Tulsi plant in the northeast direction of the premises, but it should be less than 1.5 meters.
  53. Money Plant in Blue Bottle:
    • Place a money plant in a blue bottle in the north direction.
  54. Horseshoe Amulet at Entrance:
    • Hang a horseshoe amulet at the entrance of the door to ward off the evil eye and evil spirits.
  55. Chess in the West Zone:
    • Playing chess in the west zone helps in unblocking money and resolving stuck payments.
  56. Avoid Shoes and Dustbin in the West:
    • Do not keep shoes and a dustbin in the west direction, as it hampers business growth.
  57. Display Ships for Multiple Income Sources:
    • Display ships to attract money from various sources of income.
  58. Avoid Mirrors on South Wall:
    • Avoid placing mirrors on the south wall to prevent accidents of various types.
  59. Ashoka in Northwest Zone:
    • The Ashoka plant in the northwest zone can help in getting promotions.
  60. Bowl Of Water:
    • Maintain a bird bath by always keeping a bowl of water in the south east direction, it attracts potential sources of income of family members.
  61. Krishna Raas Lila Picture:
    • Place a Krishna Raas Lila picture on an east wall as it brings prosperity.
  62. Safe or Locker Placement:
    • Place a safe or locker on the south wall with its door opening to the north side to attract more money.
  63. Kamdhenu Cow in South West Corner:
    • Kamdhenu cow removes distress from home atmosphere; place it in the southwest corner on any Monday.
  64. Avoid Lighting Candle in South:
    • Never light a candle in the south direction as it brings bad luck.
  65. Morning Sunlight for Growth:
    • If your house gets a morning dose of sunlight, nobody can stop your growth. For this Open the curtains every morning to allow sunlight to enter the house.
  66. Sun Picture on East Wall:
    • Hang a sun picture on the east wall for sharp growth in life.
  67. Avoid Pooja Area Under Beam:
    • Do not place the prayer or pooja area under any beam as it creates stress in the house.
  68. Worshipping The Gas Flame:
    • Our kitchen place is auspicious place and the gas flame is considered the God Agni(Fire). If you cook anything on it, just after you finish the dish, kindly serve a tiny amount of it on the gas. This will bring wealth and prosperity to home.
  69. Mix Earth Sample for Prosperity:
    • Mix earth sample from a prosperous person with the earth of your garden/plant at home; it indicates an extension of prosperity.
  70. Protect Home with Symbols:
    • Protect your home from negativity and negative persons by fixing a pair of trishul, om, and swastik symbols on your main door.
  71. Lucky Bamboo in Kitchen:
    • Placing a lucky bamboo plant in the kitchen invites positive energy.
  72. Black Sesame Seeds:
    • If you are battling a prolonged difficulty in life, all you need to do is the auspicious pooja of Lord Shiva called ‘Abishek’ with black sesame seeds. This will you to get rid of the difficulty.
  73. Sleeping Arrangement for Couples:
    • The wife should always sleep on the left side of the bed, and the husband should take the right side for a smooth and loving relationship.
  74. Citrine Rock in Bank Locker:
    • Enhance your money luck by keeping a citrine rock inside the bank locker.
  75. Avoid Pickles in Bedroom:
    • Pickles can spoil relationships; do not keep them in the bedroom, as it can affect connections with your life partner.
  76. Peacock Feather Placement:
    • Negative souls keep distance when naturally fallen peacock feathers are kept.
  77. Purify Area with Singing Bowl:
    • Purify your area by using a singing bowl; it removes negative energy and fills your place with pure vibes.
  78. Musical Instruments Picture:
    • Put a picture of women playing the violin, veena, or flute in your house to feel the free flow of auspicious positive energy, full of love and understanding among family members.
  79. Saffron Bowl for Healing:
    • Place a bowl of saffron in the room; a person who is ill will recover soon.
  80. Swastik on Main Door:
    • To reduce Vastu dosha, make a swastik on the main door, which should be 9 fingers wide and 9 fingers in length.
  81. Avoid Keeping Cash in Northwest:
    • Avoid keeping cash and valuable things in the northwest direction of the house.
  82. Yellow Theme for Stability in Decision Making:
    • If you are not stable in decision-making, make your room in a yellow theme.
  83. Car Parking Direction:
    • Always park your car facing east or north direction.
  84. Toilet Placement in South East:
    • Toilet in the southeast corner is a major Vastu defect causing health issues to females, delays in marriage, and overspending. Keep Himalayan salt in a copper bowl at the window inside the toilet.
  85. Door Mat Impression:
    • Door mats create a great impression and bring auspicious energy if messages are clear and positive.
  86. Door Bell Sound:
    • Your doorbell sound should neither be too low nor too high pitched. Low sound leads to low energy inside the house, and high sound makes family members short-tempered.
  87. Get Rid of Old Items:
    • Old and stale items carry energy; therefore, it is important to get rid of them.
  88. Avoid Certain Plants Inside the House:
    • Avoid keeping cactus, rubber plants, and milk-producing plants inside the house as they hinder balance and harmony.
  89. Medicine Placement in Kitchen:
    • Keep medicines inside the kitchen attracts negative energy. Ensure that all medicines and all unwanted stuff are removed from the kitchen.
  90. Avoid Sleeping in Front of Mirror:
    • Never sleep in front of a mirror as it attracts negative energy and can result in restless sleep and bad dreams.
  91. No Plants or Animals in Bedroom:
    • Plants, animals, and any other life form are strictly a ‘no’ for the bedroom.
  92. Elephant Placement:
    • Avoid placing an elephant in the house with the trunk down. Always keep a pair of elephants with trunks up to attract prosperity to your house.
  93. Not use of old News paper:
    • Do not use old news paper in the units or shelves to keep clothes, kitchen storage etc. It creats stale energy.
  94. Remove Nails:
    • Remove nails from NorthEast zone for quick recovery from neuro surgery problem.
  95. Clear Wallet for More Money:
    • Clear your wallet from unnecessary stuff. It will make more space for more money. Avoid an empty wallet.
  96. Avoid Sweeping Late Evening or Night:
    • Do not sweep your house in the late evening or night; it will brush away good fortune and prosperity.
  97. Troubling Neighbours:
    • Use moon stone pabbles near the sharing wall of neighbour. A moon stone, a tranquil will help in silencing a noisy neighbours.
  98. Avoid Booking or Shifting on Tuesday and Saturday:
    • Never book a new flat or shift your home on Tuesday and Saturday.
  99. Shoe Placement:
    • Do not put shoes in front of the main door.
  100. Broom and Dustbin Placement:
    • Never keep the broom and dustbin outside the house as it destroys positive energy and hinders success.
  101. Study Desk Placement:
    • Always place the study desk in the north or east direction as it is helpful in developing concentration in studies.

Conclusion On Vastu Tips For Home

Make Your Home a Happy Place With Vastu Tips For Home!

You’ve just unlocked the secrets to make your home super happy with our simple Vastu tips for home. Imagine your home as a cozy haven where good vibes flow freely and everything just feels right—that’s the magic of Vastu tips for home.

Just by following these easy tips, you’re inviting positivity and balance into your living space. Your home is like your own personal sanctuary, and with these tricks, you’re ensuring it’s filled with good energy.

Remember, you don’t need big changes; small adjustments can make a huge difference. So, as you move around your home, think about the vibes you want in each room. Let these tips be your guide to creating a home that’s not just walls and furniture but a place where happiness and good vibes thrive! Cheers to a super happy home!